"Store energy with salt water" - attentive visitors at the 1st information day


On 06/21 The first 'Open House Day' took place under the direction of one of our sales partners,the in Germany based company OFFGrid Green Energy AG , and around 100 visitors took a lookat the future of energy storage.

"Save energy with salt water?!" - How is that possible?
It was precisely this question that interested parties wanted to have answered on this day.And our sales partner has succeeded in doing this - on the tour of the factory building, visitorscome across various stations that help to explain this exciting technology.

Julia Hoerr, Senior Marketing Manager at BenAn Energy, explains the fundamental workingprinciple of the sodium-ion technology and answers all questions about the structure of thebattery.

Mr. Heger, head of the technical department at OFFGrid Green Energy AG, explains theadvantages and unique features of the saltwater energy storage with the energy-management-system - called ‚BlueBox'.

BlueBox – a self-contained energy storage solution based on the saltwater electrolyte technology.Non-flammable, non-explosive, safe to touch and maintenance-free are some of the keycharacteristics. The integrated energy management system helps to monitor and optimize the selfconsumption, in case of power outages the battery offers back-up. The BlueBox energymanagement system is designed for private homes as well as commercial or industrial buildingsthat want to optimize their generated electric power and self consumption.

We would like to thank everyone for the lively interest and the numerous visitors, and we lookforward to the next open day, which will take place in autumn.