Leading the Revolution in Safe Energy Storage Technology, Building a Green and Sustainable Future


BenAn Energy actively participated in the 13th China International Energy Storage Conference, held from May 24th to 26th, organized by the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association. The conference, themed "Promoting the Construction of a New Energy System and Facilitating the High-Quality Development of the Energy Storage Industry," attracted participation from various sectors, including industry regulatory agencies, domestic and overseas institutions in China, research institutions, grid companies, power generation enterprises, system integrators, financial institutions, and more.

BenAn Energy showcased its sodium-ion battery products during the conference. Dr. Xiaorui Hou, the R&D Director of BenAn Energy, delivered a speech during the long-duration energy storage technology session on the afternoon of the 25th. She explained the working principle and material characteristics of the aqueous sodium-ion battery in a concise and understandable manner, while highlighting the potential and advantages of the product in the field of energy storage. BenAn's water-based sodium-ion battery, with water as the electrolyte, has excellent thermal stability and high safety, eliminating the risks of fire and explosion.

During the conference, BenAn Energy was honored to receive the "Best Innovation Enterprise in China's Energy Storage Industry for 2023" award, which recognizes the company's research and development innovation in the field of energy storage with "inherently safe" as its core. This honor will further inspire BenAn Energy to uphold the concept of green energy and inherently safe, continuously promote breakthroughs and applications in energy storage technology, and make greater contributions to the construction of a new power system and the high-quality development of the energy storage industry.

In the future, the company will continue to strengthen its technological research and development, enhance product performance, and provide the industry with safer and more efficient energy storage solutions. Simultaneously, BenAn Energy will actively expand its partnerships and strengthen cooperation with various segments of the industry chain, accelerating the industrialization process and global promotion of intrinsic safety energy storage technology.