BenAn Energy won the Best Technology Innovation Award in the Energy Storage Industry of the Year 2022


On September 7th, the "CIES 12th China International Energy Storage Conference" hosted by the China Chemical and Physical Energy Industry Association, organized by the Energy Storage Application Branch of the China Chemical and Physical Power Supply Industry Association, and the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was held in Hangzhou. With the theme of "co-creating new value of energy storage and building a new market pattern", the conference focused on the sustainable development of energy storage, and actively discussed the key difficulties facing the new energy storage industry. A participation of 913 companies and 3317 guests from different fields to discuss the development plan of the industry.

At the "2022 China Energy Storage Industry Most Influential Series Award Ceremony" held at the same time, Benan Energy Technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd. won the "Annual Best New Energy Storage Technology Innovation Award in China's Energy Storage Industry". Benan Energy's intrinsically safe energy storage technology has emerged in the field of new energy storage technology. Benan Energy's water-based sodium-ion battery is environmentally friendly and intrinsically safe, and has entered the stage of industrialization from commercial demonstration. It is one of the high-safety and long-term energy storage technologies that is currently attracting attention from the international market. The company has participated in a number of major national science and technology projects, applied for and obtained more than 60 global patents, and its comprehensive technology is at the global leading level. The award is highly recognized by the experts of the organizing committee and the energy storage industry for BenAn's efforts in the research, development and manufacturing of aqueous batteries and sodium-ion batteries for many years.

Dr. Hou Xiaorui, R&D Director of Benan Energy, delivered a speech on "Green and Safe Battery Energy Storage Technology“. Hou Xiaorui said: The company's latest technology is a new type of intrinsically safe energy storage technology with great market value, and has now achieved mass production and commercial application. The response to the speech was enthusiastic. Ben'an's unique battery technology broke through the bottleneck of energy storage safety.

On the afternoon of September 8th, Zhu Huagang, product director of Benan Energy, launched the new generation of water-based sodium-ion battery products of Benan Energy. This is the first public launch of the third-generation water-based sodium-salt battery products of Benan Energy. Zhu Huagang said: Benan's inorganic water-based sodium-salt battery has four cores: using water as a base, intrinsically safe, green and environmentally friendly, and rich in resources. The first and second-generation battery products of Benan Energy have been successfully applied in overseas commercial and domestic demonstration projects, and the third-generation products launched today meet the market with a new material system and lower cost. It has the characteristics of a longer life-cycle, higher charge &  discharge rate and easier integration.