BenAn Energy and CHD-jiangsu Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement


On July 4th, Mr. Liu the Chief Scientist of BenAn Energy,visited Mr. Yang the Chairman of CHD-jiangsu. A strategic cooperation agreement was signed in the meeting.

HD-Jiangsu is a subsidiary of CHD Group, responsible for energy investment, construction, and operation in the Jiangsu region. Its business covers fossil fuels, new energy, comprehensive energy services, etc. It provides users with comprehensive energy products and integrated solutions for energy and environmental protection. It is one of the most important energy enterprise in China.

In this meeting, both companies reached a consensus on fostering our respective advantages and establishing a comprehensive and deepening strategic partnership to cooperate in energy development, construction, operation, and business model innovation in various fields. In addition, both companies will set up a leading group,work together to create a model of cooperation between state and private enterprises, serve and promote the high-quality development of local economy , and construct a new pattern of energy storage industry.