A successful product placement on the European market


BenAn Energy and Offgrid Green Energy AG, a German smart energy management system service provider, join hands to provide customers with an environmentally friendly, reliable and safe off-grid system overall solution.

Earlier this year, Ben An Energy and Offgrid Green Energy AG presented as a team at the ReWoBau trade show in Germany. As one of the largest single consumer trade fairs for living and energy saving, around 250 exhibitors present their products, services and provide information on the latest developments and trends.

The complete set of solutions launched by Benan Energy is characterized by greenness and sustainability, with safety as the core. It has attracted the attention of the participants and received positive market feedback, and many people signed contracts on site.

Energy management systems can monitor and optimize energy and electricity usage to achieve self-sufficiency. The entire system can also be used as a backup power source during a power outage to ensure the supply of important equipment. The system is designed for individual residences as well as commercial or industrial buildings wishing to optimize their own generation system and their own electricity consumption.

The operating status of the aqueous sodium-ion battery can be controlled and monitored through the energy management system:
(1) Realize power freedom and deal with rising costs
(2) Energy efficiency up to 98%
(3) Consumption of new energy
(4) Monitoring and recording photovoltaic and battery management