BenAn Energy Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. currently manufactures batteries and battery systems for a wide array of energy storage applications including grid-tied and grid-independent distributed energy storage systems. Our batteries facilitate economic implementation of solar and wind renewable energy sources in off-grid and micro-grid systems, and perform optimal energy management while providing emergency backup power. We provide application-centric product management and OEM support.

R&D background: BenAn’s foundation from the Chinese Academy of Sciences results in a deep understanding of battery active materials and a continual innovation of these materials to high performance and lower cost.

Novel battery design:The engineering teams in China and the United States are evolving the battery design to provide the lowest total cost of energy storage system ownership. Current BenAn battery designs include all commodity raw materials without the expensive and highly engineered components of lithium ion batteries. Future BenAn battery designs are evolving towards design-for-manufacturing and a high degree of materials recyclability.

Battery Production:BenAn produces its batteries and key raw materials onsite at its location in Jiading District, Shanghai CN and has built 20 MWh battery production line in 2018. In 2020, BenAn has built 100 MWh battery production line in Taicang, Jiangsu CN. Being located close to key equipment suppliers results in high production uptime.

Applications:Marketing and support personnel in China, European, Australia, the United States and Southeast Asia work with both integrators and end-users to support integration of BenAn batteries into a wide variety of system architectures.